Wood Flooring Atlanta

Strong wood floors are made of solid wood instead of layers of wood which have been joined together. Each solid wood floor plank consists of one piece of hardwood, usually 3⁄4 inch thick. A variety of species can be found in the wood itself from oak to maple, cherry, bamboo, walnut, ash, mahogany and others. – one offers its own unique look, just like the 50 Floor finishes make it available to you.

These floors are robust and durable. One of the most important advantages of wood flooring is that this form of flooring can endure heavy use. It can last a long time with proper treatment. Unlike several other options, if your floor is toothed or scratched, you might still be able to sand it down and finish it to give it new life. The long-lasting nature of these floors often makes them a cost-effective investment over time, as they will need to be replaced less frequently than other floor styles.

Your flooring would be easy to clean with wood. Dusting, mopping and drying are all it takes to keep your home looking the best. As long as you stop moisture and water, you’ll find your floors still look fantastic.

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Wood floors will make your home more valuable. Many home buyers see wood flooring as a benefit, which means that this option will make your home more desirable and valuable.

These floors are perfect for allergy sufferers and anyone concerned with air quality. Wood floors can not trap allergens such as dust, dander, pollen, or other allergens.

Wooden floors are very versatile and still look fantastic. The natural grains and colors of the wood floors make them very adaptable, so as you adjust the decor of your room, your floors will always look fantastic. Many people like the look of hardwood, too.

Wood flooring offers you superior acoustics. These floors can allow you to escape the echoing or hollow sound of some other flooring choices.

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