Atlanta Sheetrock Installation

What can go wrong with a Drywall?

Drywall is susceptible to all kinds of moisture due to its composition which is made of plaster. Plaster turns into paste when exposed to water.

If you look carefully around your bathroom walls, you may find mold spots. This is due to moisture. We all know that mold is not healthy and can make you sick.

Drywall is also a favorite to termites. Termites love to eat paper layers.

If you happen to see damages on your wall such as: cracks, dents, holes, and molds, it’s time for repair and or replacement.

Window Glazing Atlanta

Window Weatherproofing

Be it winter or summer, we always want an energy-efficient home. There are many ways that you can slowly turn your home into an energy-efficient machine. You can start doing this by addressing your home windows. Glazing is a technique that improves the energy efficiency of your windows. It prevents drafts and it seals the space between the slash and the window glass.

Interior Finishing Atlanta Floor Tiling Services Gallery

Tiles are beautiful and easy to clean

Tiles are indeed easier to clean compared to carpet. When you see an area that is cracked, you can easily repair this yourself or you can ask an expert to do it for you. Tiles feel cool during summer and that can be a plus when it comes to saving energy. Tiles don’t collect dusts like carpet and it’s healthy for you. 

Appliance Installation Atlanta

Don’t get stuck with the new appliance

Not everybody is gifted to know everything related to appliance installation. There are times when you buy a new appliance and you find out that you don’t the power outlet that you need. Or maybe you bought a gas burner and you don’t have the attachment needed to use the gas line. For peace of mind, it’s best to call the experts to do this job for you.

Kitchen Remodel Atlanta

Love that new granite and sink?

Everybody loves new stuff and that includes remodeling your outdated kitchen to something modern. You may have outdated cabinets that need to be updated. You may have a countertop that is made of a vinyl but you want that nice-looking granite you saw from one of your friends’ house. Don’t hesitate. If you feel that it is time to remodel your kitchen, make that decision today.

Interior Finishing Atlanta Bathroom Renovation Services Gallery

Oh those beautiful vanities

Do you constantly find yourself frustrated with your toilet, leaving you continuously unhappy about what’s going on? Have you been dreaming of a rejuvenating bathroom renovation? If you’ve been thinking about renovating a large or small bathroom, you’re likely to have questions and concerns about how to keep your remodeling functional, affordable, and easy on the eye.

Interior Finishing Atlanta Painting Services Gallery

The ideal paint to brighten the house

There are several ways to liven up your home during remodeling or renovation, and painting the walls is one of them. Unlike investing in a large piece of furniture, paint is cheap and easy to alter. Adding a bold history to a space adds a lot of charm and character. It’s a beautiful transformation that just costs pennies compared to other renovations.

Interior Finishing Atlanta Door Assembly Servcies Gallery

Time to replace that noisy door

If your door is hard to open and close, it may be time to replace it. When you feel your door sticking in the winter and it’s easy to open and close in the summer, it’s a sure sign of energy rushing out of your door. If the hinges are sinking, that’s another matter.

Interior Finishing Atlanta Wood Flooring Services Gallery

Beautiful wood floors on sale

Wood floors add value to your residence at the time of resale, not to mention that it is a lifetime commodity. They raise their value, just as your home does. Hardwood flooring products are one of the most common hard surface flooring in remodeling and new home construction.

Interior Finishing Atlanta Cabinet Services Gallery

Did you get them from IKEA?

Sometimes cabinets need to be replaced simply because they’ve gotten old and worn out. In other cases, the cabinets wear out prematurely long before they should. In this instance, you’re going to want to identify the reasons your cabinets have worn out beyond repair to make sure that the same problem doesn’t happen again.