Interior Finishing Atlanta FAQ

What’s the best way to remove the old wallpaper?

Getting rid of dated wallpaper is a cheap and simple way to refresh your home; however, you can find it hard to break the stubborn bond. If you have difficulty, try the following methods:

  • If your budget is not a matter of concern, buy a steam wallpaper stripper that projects a concentrated stream of steam through a specialized nozzle. It’s a computer built for the job and it’s going to save you some grunt-work.
  • If you have a DIY budget, fill a spray bottle with 1⁄2 softener and 1⁄2 hot water and saturate the paper. Let it sit down for a few minutes and peel away with a putty knife.

Where do I find common leaks inside my house?

By sealing any air leaks in your home, you can improve your productivity and lower your monthly bills as a result. Most big air leaks are easy to feel and can be found around windows, doors, electrical outlets, etc. While these are clear and important culprits, they are not the only ones. Check your attic, your cellar, and your chimney for more mysterious leaks.

How do you square frame walls?

If you add walls to your house, it’s important that they’re square and plum. You may make all the right calculations, but it’s still important to know the essential insights into structural integrity. A simple way to ensure that your framing walls are completely square is by spreading them flat and measuring them diagonally from corner to corner in both positions. If all diagonal dimensions are exactly the same the frame is technically square. Hint: run a piece of lumber along the length of the diagonal and tack it in place to prevent any movement.

How do I know it’s time to repaint the interior of my house?

The interior of your home is distinctive. Unlike the outside, which is likely to experience the same wear all over the interior of your home has high traffic areas and low traffic areas. High traffic areas need to be painted more frequently, perhaps every 3-5 years. These areas have a kitchen, bathroom, stairs, hallways, and entrances. Low traffic areas may be able to get away with new paint every 7 to 10 years. These areas include a living room, a dining room, bedrooms, a desk, and any spare rooms or spaces.

Tip: if you touch it frequently or if you experience constant changes in temperature or humidity (think of the bathroom or kitchen), then it is possibly a high traffic area that needs to be painted more often. You’re going to be able to tell—discoloration, chipping, and other signs of being well lived in.

The other reason you’re going to paint your interior is that you want a change! Your walls may be the same color as when you moved in or your preferences or furniture may have changed. You just need something new sometimes.

Does wallpaper go bad?

Wallpaper is a perfect option for people who want to get the job done and never need to worry about it again. Wallpaper is known to last a lot longer than paint, even up to 15 years or more.

Your taste is likely to improve before your wallpaper goes bad. If you want to remove old wallpaper and add new wallpapers, please contact a professional. Don’t waste the weekend picking up on the wall. The specialist would know the tricks of smoothly removing wallpaper and applying it flawlessly.

How do I know if I have either plaster or drywall?

Drywall started replacing plaster in the 1950s because it was quicker and easier to mount. Often, it’s not going to collapse like plaster, so it’s going to be easier to hang things from a drywall. To find out what you’ve got, Blashaw recommends a pushpin test: try to push a thumbtack into an inconspicuous position on the wall. It’s going straight into a drywall, which is delicate, but it’s almost impossible to drive one into a wall of plaster